Cowboys reveal secret to success

Whatever you do, never share the secret of your success with anyone! Who on earth would want their competitors to learn about the inner workings of how your business gets its edge? The truth is, the secret to success is not really a secret – certainly not for the Cowboys Leagues Club. The secret to our success is written on the welcoming smiles of the faces to the left, long-standing members of our very own “Cowboys family” and we have decided it’s time to reveal just how they make the Club so special (but if you have ever visited the Club, you probably already know!).

General Manager Clint Williams is more than happy to unveil some answers – he believes all of his staff are the cornerstone of the Club’s success and play an invaluable part in both the present and future of the business.

“As a Club, all staff understand that our members and guests make our business possible and we must thank our members, in particular our Foundation members, for continuing to support the Club as the years have passed,” he states.

“However I believe our most important business asset is our staff and it’s important they are treated that way. We have a very good Staff Rewards and Incentive program designed to say thank you to all staff and it’s something they all enjoy.” Clint adds.

The Club currently has 7 staff members who have been at the Club for over 10 years and an even larger group who are either approaching or have reached the five year milestone.

“In an industry with a high rate of changeover in staff, it is a real achievement of the Club to have such a high retention rate. Such longevity provides a constant stability to our operations, and our team genuinely cares about the success of the Club,” Clint enthuses.

“We are also lucky to have a dedicated Board of Directors, many of whom have also served on the Board for more than 10 years and provided invaluable leadership & direction for the Club.”

It has been almost 15 years since the Cowboys Leagues Club first opened in 2001 and long serving staff member Jennifer Unwin is still just as keen to welcome guests through the door.

“There are many reasons why I love and I think others love working at the Club. There is a great culture at the Club and we are all driven by a passion to provide outstanding customer service and work as a team to achieve it,” Jen declares.

Most members would also be familiar with one of Reception’s long standing employees Tania Rooney, who thinks as staff & guests almost like a second family.

“I love the wonderful people I get to meet in my job and the variety it brings – you never know who will walk through the door,” she says.

Chief Cellarman Lenny Rose is always working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Club is running like clockwork every day.

“I sometimes feel as though I have become part of the furniture, though I can’t imagine working anywhere else,” Lenny states, a man of few words but a hard worker.

Bar Supervisor Deb Walker loves the atmosphere at work, and enjoys making each day a fun experience for both staff & guests.

“I love the challenges of my job and getting to know our many regulars, as well as visitors from out of town. Each guest has a story to tell and brings a smile to my face each day,” Deb states.

Restaurant & Catering Coordinator Annette Patane bends over backward trying to make each guest feel special at the award winning Match Restaurant & Grill and Pizazz Cafe.

“Often I feel like a part of our patrons lives – we share their birthdays, anniversaries, achievements and special moments. It’s almost like welcoming guests to lunch or dinner at my own house each time a shift starts,” Annette states.

Accounts Assistant Cheryl Jones has been a valuable part of the finance team since 2001.
“It’s been fascinating to see the journey the Club has taken – being able to adapt to change has definitely been one of the keys to working in such an evolving industry like hospitality,” Cheryl reflects.

No matter how much time passes & the Club adapts, one thing will always remain the same and at the very core of the Cowboys Leagues Club – we will always spell success as staff.