Thank you Lenny

The time has come to bid farewell to one of our longest serving staff members, Lenny Rose, who is moving to NSW to be closer to family.
Lenny recently reached an incredible milestone of 20 years of service, and was inducted as a Cowboys Leagues Club life member.

Lenny started at the Club in 2002, just six months after the Club first opened its doors. Initially employed as a kitchen hand, Lenny or “Len” as he is affectionately known, was quickly promoted to his current position of Chief Steward. In his role over the years, he has played a pivotal part in the Club’s back of house operations, such as stock & cellar control, general maintenance and grounds keeping.

Lenny has been known for his hard work and humble nature. No matter how big or small the job is, he has always taken a lot of pride in his workmanship. Always ready to lend a hand, start early, or finish late, he will certainly leave big shoes to fill for his successor.

His passion and loyalty for the Club are to be commended, as is his caring nature. Many a staff member who might have been having a challenging day have been cheered up by Lenny over the years. Not many would know that he is also quite a talented chef, frequently filling the staff room with a delightful aroma and making mouths water with his latest home concoction.

As our beloved co-worker, our friend, and our Cowboys family – on behalf of the entire team and Board of Directors, we thank you Lenny for your service and wish you all the best. We will sorely miss you and look forward to a visit and a beer (or two) in the future!


What our Cowboys family has to say

Lenny commenced his employment on 16th of January 2002, 6 months after the Club opened in the CBD. He was originally employed as a kitchenhand, yet was quickly promoted to his current role of Chief Steward in early 2003. Over the years, Lenny has become a wealth of knowledge to the Club, and is regularly asked the “what happened here?” question. Every time, he always has the  answer and has become the true back bone of the Club’s back of house operations. Whilst Lenny works tirelessly behind the scenes keeping the Club’s back of house operations on track, his efforts never go unnoticed or unrecognised. The Cowboys Leagues Club has developed a strong reputation as one of the best places in Townsville to enjoy an ice-cold beer and its Lenny’s tireless work in the Cellar that has helped build that over the last 20 years. As General Manager, Lenny has been my go-to person during the many renovations we have completed over the last 11 years. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to ask Lenny to do an overnighter, come in early or stay back late, and he has never said no. He is a true gentleman and a shining example of what it means to be a Cowboys Leagues Club staff member. Honest, hardworking, reliable, humble, and always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of the Club. On behalf of everyone involved with the Club, both past and present, I would like to thank Lenny for his commitment and contribution to the Club over the last 20 years and wish him all the best in the future! We will miss him dearly. – Clint Williams | General Manager


Lenny is like family, he always asks how you are going and shows genuine concern, he has been known to leave a chocolate on my desk when he can see that I am having a bad week which always put a smile on my face.  Lenny always does whatever it takes to get the job done and nothing asked of him is ever a problem. He will certainly be missed by everyone! – Jade A


I have only worked with Lenny for a short amount of time but realise how much he does to keep the club running from fixing all minor repairs to restocking the bars. We always hear Lenny swearing when having to unload delivery trucks during his lunch break. Lenny is always willing to tackle any problem big and small. He is a true character and valued employee of the club. We will miss you Lenny. All the best Lenny for the future. – Jason F


From the day I started at the Cowboys Leagues Club Lenny has been nothing but amazing! His hard work and dedication to the club and the staff is inspirable! His witty sense of humour is what I will miss the most about Len! I wish him all the best for his future endeavors and will miss him a million! – Ash G


Lenny was always fun to work with. When he was training me for cellar I always remember how knowledgeable he was at his job and how he gave me the ability to learn as well. He always kept me on my toes and always had something to say. I will definitely miss working with Lenny. I wish him all the best. – Thomas J


My favourite thing about Lenny, he regularly would come up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and ask me how I was with a smile on his face. I loved that you could tell if it had been a stressful morning for him by the body language or few choice words he occasionally uttered under his breath while going about his duties back of house. He was always real, a hard worker and someone I will miss having around the club. A real asset that will be greatly missed for sure. – Jessica B

Lenny has always been a really hard worker, but i’ll forever remember the fun working all those years at Dairy Farmers Stadium together. – Annette P


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Lenny for all the assistance he has given our reception team, whether fixing a broken door, or drawer or climbing on the reception desk to change a light bulb. Personally though, it has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with such a true gentleman with the kindest heart who would do anything for the club.  We have shared many happy occasions and I have life long memories not to mention quite a few stories!! – Tania R


Where do I even start…. Solving all of life’s problems over knock off drinks in the old sports bar and cheeky afternoon schooners with Damo! Working out at Dairy Farmers Stadium, the original car park parties, footy and more footy! Having to call him on his day off because something broke down! Always being able to fix the things I broke (bonus points if it was something expensive!) Watching the conflict of emotions whenever the cowboys played the raiders or NSW was beaten by QLD!! Gourmet snacks and treats a la Chef Lenny! From work colleagues to friends to family, I don’t know the Cowboys Leagues Club without Lenny and I will always cherish the memories over the past 16 years! – Kelly V


Len has always helped solve any of the challenges the Club has faced, he knows everything about anything. We have shared a lot of blood, sweat and laughs over the years, with some especially fond memories back in the day working together out at Dairy Farmers stadium. – Jennifer U


Being Lenny’s friend is like being Lenny’s family – he is always there for you. He always notices if you are feeling a little bit down and he lifts you back up. I will miss him so much and the Club just won’t be the same without him. I will miss hearing his phone ring during his lunch break and his “creative” reactions! – Helen S


Lenny has been a friend of me and my family for many years! I love how dedicated he is to his family, he has always been incredibly kind to my children, they always enjoy his company – of course it helps that he is always buying them lollies and ice-creams😊 He has a great friendship with Eric, they often enjoy watching the footy together over a few (or few too many) beers. Lenny always treats Eric to some kind of gastronomic delight whenever he has him around. Lenny is definitely part of our family and will be sorely missed and always welcome😊 – Anita P


I have had the pleasure of working with Lenny as the early opening team for quiet a few years now. I will miss his knowledge of the club ground workings. Lenny’s cussing but willingness to help out is amazing. A funny thing one day was when there was a spider around there was no way in all hell that he was going anywhere near that. So yes Lenny is afraid of spiders. – Sonia D